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Pale Whale
$7.32 / Gram
A high THC-potency strain from JC Green with balanced indica and sativa genetics, Pale Whale has a fruity aroma with notes of grape and citrus.
THC 15-20% | CBD 0-0.1%
30 Gram Container - $205.00
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About Pale Whale

Pale Whale is a high THC-potency strain from JC Green with a fruity aroma with notes of grape and citrus. This delightful aroma stems from a unique fusion of terpenes, including alpha- and beta-pinene, alpha-bisabolol, beta-myrcene, beta-ocimene, beta-caryophyllene, and nerolidol. 

Pale Whale boasts a unique balance of indica and sativa genetics, with a refined lineage comprising the indica-dominant Super Skunk strain as well as sativa-dominant Brazilian and South Indian strains. These genetics result in buds that are emerald green with a dense coating of sparkly trichomes.

The small-batch craft approach used by JC Green allows Pale Whale to reach its full potential, which is maintained from harvest to packaging as these plants are hang-dried and slow-cured before the buds are carefully hand-trimmed and hand-packaged.