Dried Flower / Cannadian Cookies

Cannadian Cookies
$7.50-9.50 / Gram
Indica-dominant strain with moderate to high CBD and low THC potency, Cannadian Cookies from JC Green has a sweet, citrusy aroma.
THC 5-7% | CBD 4-6%
5 Gram Container - $47.50
30 Gram Container - $225.00
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About Cannadian Cookies

Cannadian Cookies from JC Green is an indica-dominant strain that is well-balanced, with Low to moderate CBD and Low THC potency. Cannadian Cookies boasts a robust terpene content, comprising alpha- and beta-pinene, humulene, linalool, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene.

This tasteful fusion of terpenes results in a delectably sweet aroma of sour citrus. Cannadian Cookies is grown in small batches and nurtured constantly to yield a product of exceptional quality. This high-quality approach is maintained by hang-drying and curing these plants before they are meticulously hand-trimmed to perfection, then packaged to maintain their natural aroma and balance.