Cherry Bomb

21.64% THC | 0.07% CBD

Development stage – in flower, harvested, released?
High THC Low CBD

Photo of Cherry Bomb Strain cultivated by JC Green Medicinal

About the strain

Cherry Bomb’s aroma bursts forth from the container immediately after opening the safety seal. The aroma profile was is one that seems quite mixed: wonderful aromas of fresh vegetables, pine trees, citrus and the darkest black cherries. There are more subtle notes of what seem like starter cultures that give cured meats their tangy and sour flavour. An extremely varied but overall pleasant bouquet that is enjoyable and intices the consumer to continue looking deeper.
As a true hybrid, this strain truly gives those that consume it the best of both worlds. This is a High-THC strain that also has the Sativa genetics background for an uplifting experience frequently reported by those that have used it previously.


This strain recorded high levels of both Pinene and Limonene when tested. Pinene is known to assist patients as an anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator (helps open airways), anxiety mitigator, and effective pain reliever. Limonene has been reported by patients to assist with elevating mood and stress relief. The pinene found in this strain would pair nicely with flavours found in rosemary and thyme. The citrus pizazz found in the limonene would go nicely with whitefish or chicken and would also add complexity and depth to salad dressings and dishes that include black pepper.