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Our medicinal cannabis is grown in small batches, carefully monitored, and scientifically tested. Your medical cannabis will be grown by a team of extremely passionate, experienced cannabis professionals. Take a sneak peek at our plants, indoor, and outdoor facility with our interactive gallery.

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We Strive To Provide A Better Sense Of Community & Compassion.

JC Green Inc. strives to offer trustworthy premium cannabis to the medicinal cannabis community. We are honored to supply the medical cannabis community with the finest medicinal cannabis. Have questions about how medical cannabis can help you? Contact your practitioner or our team of medical consultants to learn more.

Medical cannabis may help you with other health conditions. There is valuable evidence of potential therapeutic uses for cannabis or its component chemicals (cannabinoids)! Ask your healthcare provider which strain is best for your health condition or visit our patient faq. View our medicinal cannabis products for available strains.

Premium Medicinal Cannabis

JC Green Inc. aims to provide medicinal cannabis patients with a community atmosphere. Medical cannabis may help treat symptoms like pain, nausea, lack of appetite, and much more.

Simple & Easy Process

JC Green Inc. is a team of incredibly passionate, experienced cannabis professionals. Our mission is to provide patients with an innovative, stress-free process in obtaining your medicinal cannabis product.

Lab Testing

JC Green Inc. takes pride in their top of the line medicinal cannabis facility and laboratory. Our medical cannabis is grown in small batches, carefully monitored, scientifically tested, and inspected.

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