Pale Wale

Cannabinoid Content

15% – 25% THC
1% – < 1% CBD

Weight Options

5 Grams of dried flower


A high THC-potency strain from JC Green with balanced indica and sativa genetics, Pale Whale has a fruity aroma with notes of grape and citrus.

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About the strain

Pale Whale is a high THC-potency strain from JC Green with a fruity aroma with notes of grape and citrus. This delightful aroma stems from a unique fusion of terpenes, including alpha- and beta-pinene, alpha-bisabolol, beta-myrcene, beta-ocimene, beta-caryophyllene, and nerolidol.

Pale Whale boasts a unique balance of indica and sativa genetics, with a refined lineage comprising the indica-dominant Super Skunk strain as well as sativa-dominant Brazilian and South Indian strains. These genetics result in buds that are emerald green with a dense coating of sparkly trichomes.

The small-batch craft approach used by JC Green allows Pale Whale to reach its full potential, which is maintained from harvest to packaging as these plants are hang-dried and slow-cured before the buds are carefully hand-trimmed and hand-packaged.


This strain recorded high levels of both Pinene and Limonene when tested. Pinene is known to assist patients as an anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator (helps open airways), anxiety mitigator, and effective pain reliever. Limonene has been reported by patients to assist with elevating mood and stress relief. The pinene found in this strain would pair nicely with flavours found in rosemary and thyme. The citrus pizazz found in the limonene would go nicely with whitefish or chicken and would also add complexity and depth to salad dressings and dishes that include black pepper.