Real-World Cannabis Growing Experience.

There are a lot of ways to grow cannabis. To date, the growth in the industry has largely been investor-related with the “growers” being wealthy opportunists, eager bankers and brokers, and colourful promoters. Their way to “grow” cannabis has been to grow their own wealth, first and foremost.

At JC Green, our team has real-world cannabis growing experience that pre-dates that of industrial mass producers, by decades. We understand the cannabis plant at a deeper level – what kind of environment it needs, the care it demands, and how handling cannabis from seed to delivery makes a real-life difference to the people who matter most: patients who count on cannabis to improve their quality of life.

We’ve mastered the “ways” to grow a better breed of cannabis. So we focus on the “why.” Ours is to serve our customers and our community. 

To do that, we will cultivate and supply a new standard of premium-quality medicinal cannabis, grown with care and sustainability as our top priorities. We will employ local area staff and bring their skills to our enterprise creating employment and opportunity for growth. 

Going forward, we plan to use our rich farmland, experienced staff, and local farm community to produce economical and responsibly grown outdoor cannabis for large scale extract production.