Cannabinoid Content

1% – < 1% THC
5% – 16% CBD

Weight Options

5 Grams of dried flower
10 Grams of dried flower

JC Exclusive

A CBD-dominant strain with low THC potency from JC Green, CD1 has a diverse terpene profile, resulting in a fresh aroma of pine and citrus.

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About the strain

CD1 from JC Green is a CBD-dominant strain with low THC potency that produces moderate-sized buds with hues of lime that flow to minty green and noticeably orange pistils littered throughout. CD1 is a precisely and adeptly selected phenotype of the strain Cannatonic, derived from MK Ultra and G13 Haze parents.

A high pinene content gives this strain an graceful aroma of pine and citrus. Produced in small batches, CD1 plants are carefully cultivated to produce an exquisite product. This delicate process is continued as CD1 plants are hang-dried and cured before they are gently hand-trimmed and packaged to maintain the high quality of these exquisite buds.


This strain recorded high levels of both Pinene and Limonene when tested. Pinene is known to assist patients as an anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator (helps open airways), anxiety mitigator, and effective pain reliever. Limonene has been reported by patients to assist with elevating mood and stress relief. The pinene found in this strain would pair nicely with flavours found in rosemary and thyme. The citrus pizazz found in the limonene would go nicely with whitefish or chicken and would also add complexity and depth to salad dressings and dishes that include black pepper.