At JC Medicinal, we only use the highest quality flower for extraction for all our extracts. Unlike THC, high-purity CBD extract has a tendency to crystallize at room temperature. This can be problematic for CBD cultivars like our CD1, that contain high levels of CBD and very little THC. 

JC Medicinal does not add any additives to our CBD cartridges, just 100% cannabis. To reduce crystallization and add a true to flower taste, we use cannabis derived terpenes that are extracted prior to distillation. However, due to the high concentration of CBD, crystallization may still occur.

If your cartridge has started crystalizing or is completely solid, check out our recommendations below to help resolve by gently applying heat or contact us at for assistance.

Things to try first!

  • Warm the cartridge in your hand or roll between your fingers
  • Once the cartridge starts to liquify, you can start drawing on it slowly. The heat from the chamber will dissipate through the cartridge during your use to prevent recrystallization during use
  • Never expose the cartridge to an open flame, this can cause pressure to build up and result in your cartridge being damaged.  

Still crystalized?

  • Place the cartridge inside a sealed bag (leave the caps on just in case there’s a leak), and place the bag into hot water. Remove when the extract starts to liquify 


  • Use a warm air vent or hair dryer on low heat setting to liquify the cartridge. To avoid prolonged exposure to heat, we suggest applying heat for 10-15 seconds at a time and rolling between your hands until it starts to liquify.  

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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