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Some of Canada’s Labour Unions Are Covering Medical Cannabis

We are fortunate that in Canada, the recognition of medical cannabis as a viable and necessary path for many Canadians has created medical insurance programs that cover this form of treatment. As we previously featured, many of Canada’s Medical Insurance Companies have made important moves to cover medical cannabis under insurance plans. In Canada, since […]

Growing Unique Cultivars to Meet Needs of All Canadians

  JC Green, through its medicinal brand JC Medicinal, and its new recreational brand, JC Green is pleased to release a profile of cultivars for medical cannabis patients and recreational cannabis users. The cultivars that are grown within JC Green are created by some of the greatest cannabis breeders in the world. With a focus […]

Medical Cannabis as an Option for Canadians with Chronic Pain

The Health Canada Canadian Pain Task Force reported in 2019 that an estimated one in five Canadians lives with chronic pain, and it’s becoming an increasingly pervasive part of people’s lives. Pain is a subjective sensation, being both a sensory and physical awareness that triggers an emotional experience. Since pain is an unpleasant sensory feeling […]

Is it Still Beneficial to Get a Medical Cannabis Document in Canada?

Canada’s medical cannabis program has been going strong in its offerings to patients since its initial inception in 2001. Accessing medical cannabis allows patients to claim cannabis as a medical expense on their taxes and can also be reimbursed by some medical insurance programs. Medical cannabis documentation also allows patients to directly connect with specialized […]