About Us


The art of growing cannabis is as diverse as the people who participate. Up until now, the industry has been largely dominated by an investment-type business structure. As a result, there as been a, very noticeable inconsistency concerning both quality and variety. At JC Green, we think differently about Cannabis: We’re motivated by a feeling of personal responsibility and commitment to inspire trust amount our local community.

Our experience growing cannabis Leads that of          mass-producers by decades.

We understand that cannabis and quality of life, for many patients, are closely intertwined. From the seed, to the environment, nutrition and handling, we understand cannabis on a deeper level. 

We no longer worry about “how” to grow this miracle plant, so we focus on “why”. For JC Green, that purpose is to serve our local customers and community. We know our people and that they will not settle for less than a new standard of quality, hand-nurtured with care and environmental sustainability. 

In the near future we will expand our commitment in ethical business practices to include outdoor cultivation for large-scale extract production. We will be employing people from our local community, utilizing local farmland, and farm hands from the community.

Through these strategies, we will create a brand together which stands head-and-shoulders above the mass producers, empowers the community, and attracts investment in Thorndale.

Our Gallery

All photos have been shot on-site at our facility in Thorndale, Ontario