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JC Green Inc. is a certified medicinal cannabis company. We offer quality cannabis grown with real-world experience for the medicinal community. We take pride in our top-of-the-line medicinal cannabis facility and laboratory. Take a sneak peek at our plants, indoor, and outdoor facility with our interactive gallery.

Our medical cannabis is grown in small batches, carefully monitored, scientifically tested, and inspected. Your medical cannabis is grown by local cultivators located in Thorndale Ontario.

JC Green Inc. strives to offer trustworthy premium cannabis to the medicinal cannabis community. We take pride in providing a top-quality product which is grown in small batches with care. Medical cannabis may be helpful for some health conditions. Have questions about how medical cannabis can help you? Contact your practitioner or our team of medical consultants to learn more.

Medical cannabis may help with many more health conditions as well. There is valuable evidence for potential therapeutic uses for cannabis or its component chemicals (cannabinoids)! Your healthcare provider may be able to tell you about the different strains you can try for your health condition. View our medicinal cannabis products for available strains.

JC Green Inc strives to make our practitioner relationships as quick and simple as possible while maintaining the integrity and security of the process. We are proud to be a part of this modern movement towards using cannabis for compassionate care.

Refer patients to JC Green Inc with our easy registration process in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download Our Registration Form
  2. Fax Us The Filled Out Form
  3. Process Completed

There are many different cannabis strains in existence, each cannabis strain providing their own unique benefits. JC Green Inc. carries different THC, CBD, and THC / CBD strains, so practitioners will have increased options when treating patients. Questions? Contact JC Green.

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